Inspired by: Finding Vivian Maier

I finally got around to watching Finding Vivian Maier this week. As a photographer and former Chicago resident, the film and story are particularly fascinating to me. Vivian Maier was a reclusive woman who lived in Chicago and who, unbeknownst to everyone who knew her, was a prolific street photographer.

Vivian Maier worked primarily as a nanny and aside from that was incredibly secretive regarding all other aspects of her life. So, very little was known about her when a guy picked up a box of her negatives at an auction. He was intrigued by her work and started investigating her life, poking around and collecting more of her work during the process.

Her work has now been scanned and is available in an online portfolio for viewing. It's really remarkable street photography that gives us a voyeuristic look at a bygone era. And now I'm inspired to hit the streets with my own film cameras! Take a look at the film (it's available on Netflix) if you enjoy unraveling mysteries.