On film: Fuveszkert Botanic Garden

I found my happy place in Budapest — Fuveszkert, a botanic garden in Pest. I've never met a botanic garden I didn't love. My favorite part is usually the room with all the lovely cacti and succulents. And they're even better during winter visits because the warmth and greenness of the plants gives a really nice break from the dreary cold. I visited Fuveszkert when it was about 100° F outside, but I will definitely be coming back for a winter visit. You really can't go wrong with a few rolls of Ektar and desert plants. If you happen to visit Fuveszkert and want to take photos, it requires an extra photo ticket, which only costs 300 forints, or $1.07 at the current exchange rate at the time of this post.

All photos developed and scanned by Lab4Art.