On film: Gellért Hill

Apologies for the radio silence over here. I have been without internet for almost four weeks. But now that that minor hiccup has been taken care of, I can catch up on posting Budapest film photos. One of the first places I ventured out to after moving to Budapest was Gellért Hill — it's not far from where I'm staying in Budapest and it provides beautiful views of the Danube River. The hill has a variety of paths and stairs which provide easy accessibility to the summit.

Strategically situated on the top of Gellért Hill is the Citadella, a fortress built in 1851 by the Habsburg Empire.

These photos were taken with my fully automatic Pentax Pro Sport Date and 35mm Portra 400 film. The fully automatic camera works great for lighting situations such as this. I was pretty disappointed with its performance in Croatia. It didn't handle the combination of direct sunlight and reflective water very well so in the future I'll be bringing a manual camera with me in those situations. But for cloudy days such as this, the fully automatic functionality makes it a fun little camera that's easy to carry around, due to its small size.

I also found a great new (to me) lab in Budapest for processing/scanning film. Lab4Art processed and scanned all these images. They process all film by hand and do a beautiful job. Their turnaround time is very fast (about 2-3 days) and they can deliver scans on CD or via email.