On film: Lake Balaton

I moved to Budapest this month and so, I'm excited to explore this new (to me) city with film cameras in tow. Last weekend, I got to visit Lake Balaton. Unfortunately, it was too cold to swim, but I did get to explore some towns along Lake Balaton's coast. One of my favorite towns was Tihany. Tihany is a village on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. It's located on the Tihany Peninsula and is accessible by ferry from Szántód. I had never taken a ferry with a car before, so it was a fun (albeit rainy) way to travel.

Tihany is famous for (among other things) its lavender. Many shops in Tihany sell lavender, pottery painted with lavender motifs, lavender sachets, etc. We decided to get our lavender fix with lavender-flavored ice cream.

While we enjoyed our ice cream, we walked around and took in the view of Lake Balaton and the village of Tihany.

Then, we visited a pick-your-own lavender field.

After Tihany, we visited Balatonfüred, a popular resort town also on the northern shore of Lake Balaton.

All these photos were made with Fujifilm 400 and a nifty automatic camera my brother recently sent me, a Pentax Pro Sport Date.

I found a little shop called Fotexfotó down the street from where I'm staying in Budapest which develops and scans film. They developed and scanned all these images.

If you're ever in Budapest and in need of film processing, I would recommend going there. It cost me about $9 for processing and scanning one roll of 35mm film. The scans will need color correction and clean up of dust, but it's a one-day turnaround, so no complaints here.

Stay tuned for Budapest on film!