Chicago Tribune's 'Eat This, Drink This' guide

I had the pleasure of running around town shooting photos for Chicago Tribune's "Eat This, Drink This" guide, which drops online today. The guide is also offered as a 90-page glossy booklet for print subscribers on Sunday. I hope you're a subscriber, but if you're not, please check it out online. It's a great guide (with lots of pretty photos) to everything you should be eating and drinking around Chicago this summer.

My contributions to the guide include:

The Tic-Tac-Taxi at Lost Lake:

Baja tacos at Ground Control:

The autopilot shot at Analogue:

The chai tow kway dish at Fat Rice:

Red Rum at The Drifter:

The fennel and cauliflower risotto at Vincent:

And I wrote a bit (and shot the photos) for the baby back ribs at Smoked on Rose:

That's just a tiny taste of what's in store in the guide. Go online and keep track of what you've already tasted, what you'd like to try and get contact info for each restaurant so you can try all the recommended dishes. Happy eating and drinking!