The Photographer's Playbook, No. 107

The Photographer's Playbook, recently released by Aperture Foundation, is full of prompts, assignments and ideas — 307, to be exact — for photographers. I read through it when I got it in the mail and stuck a Post-it note on every prompt that interested me. And then it sat on my bedside table...

Photobook Club Montreal to the rescue! They decided to get the ball rolling and invite anyone to participate in a randomly assigned exercise with one month to shoot and present a project based on the prompt.

I was assigned No. 107 by Larry Fink, called Photographing Atmosphere. The prompt reads: "There's a difference between atmosphere and space within a picture. Atmosphere is a kind of charged space. Can you photograph heat in a way that conveys its hotness? Can you photograph water and make the picture feel wet, rather than just look like a picture of water?"

Here are a few of the photos I produced based on this prompt:

I'm looking forward to working on more assignments from The Photographer's Playbook. Have you produced any work based on ideas from this book? I'd love to see them!